What's new ?

Actually nothing... I've finally transferred the page from geocities and a little adapted to my new site-structure. Also the guest book now runs with my Script. The presentation of the pictures is also adapted.
Up to this note and some smallest modifications, nothing was modified in the text - has historical meaning (my first page on the web) and therefore is this corner under monument protection; -)

Why these pages ?

There were three reasons, one I needed a way to show the images to some friends that only have E-Mail. It's possible to use E-Mail or an local mailbox (long distance calls for some people) but the web is more useful for such things (thanx to geocities ;-). Secondly it was a good reason to create my own homepage. And the third was to experiment with the new StarOffice 4.0. I had planned to create fastloading pages, but this is a little difficult due to the fact I like to use graphics. I've tried to compress the images as good as possible without loosing too much quality, but they are still some kilobytes in size.

Why insects spiders and other small things ?

I like to take pictures of nature, but it is not really my intention to drive every week, looking for new interesting places. So my subjects have become smaller as you can find much more in one location. Eventually my interest evolved into insects, spiders and small plants. These pages will not be of a scientific nature as I try to capture the fascination of this macro world. I know there are still many other subjects to photograph, some of which I will show also on these pages. If you like these pages or if you find anything wrong with them, then please send me an E-Mail.

Remarks to the english text

In many cases I only knew the German name for the insects or spiders, but with your help I now have all the correct names (I hope). I still haven't used the latin names in all instances, because it is difficult to find the correct one. For the text I had some help from Chris Williams (a colleague from Manchester UK).
Minor corrections to the english text have been made by Jennifer Sano. Thanks to her for the good and really fast work. There may be still some texts not corrected but we are working on it :)

and now I wish you that you enjoy these pages ... Andreas

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