Many people don't like spiders. It's not clear why - maybe one reason is their long legs (long legs on girls are sexy why not on spiders ;-) or the building of their traps (web). The natural spiders of Europe are not dangerous to any person. I like our european spiders, their hunting methods are very fascinating when you take a more detail look at these small animals. Because many people tell you that spiders are insects - which is not true - spiders are their own species. My logo - the scorpion - also belongs to them.

RAFTSPIDER (Domolodes sp.)
The "Raftspider" ( or Fishing Spider) belong to the family of the "Hunting Spiders" It is not easy to find them, because they immediately hide when there is any shadow or anything moving towards them which could be of any danger. This spider can grow up to 2cm.

They get their german name (Kugelspinne -> Ballspider) from the body which looks like a ball. I like the contrast of the backgroundlight and the legs of this spider. I had to modify the image a little, because the scanner was unable to get the full contrast of this slide.

Linyphia species
A latin name ... Herman Vanuytven told me for this and the following three images the correct names and species.

CRABSPIDER (Philodromus sp.)
Another new name - you can find more infos and some nice images when you follow this link : crabspiders.

Mostly if you see any image of a spider web, it's build by a member of this family. Some orbwebspiders may have a sign that looks like a cross on their body - others are only unicoloured.

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