What should I say about plants ? OK - trees and grass belongs to them, also the weeds. Mostly weeds looks more interesting than expensive flowers. Smaller plants are moss, which only show their true beauty, when you take a closer look. The shown fungi are no plants, but they may fit in this page.


Spring is a nice time, when all the plants start to grow their leaves and they change the winter grey in to thousands of different greens.


Not only the old plants grow, but also the seed from the last year starts, as it reaches towards the sun.


In nearly every damp area you may find moss. They are mostly small but they cover every free place, so it should be easy to find moss, and to beable to a closer look at them.


Mushrooms are well known - for some people they are tasteful plant - and for others it may be the material to get free of somebody ;-) I wonder always how fast mushrooms grow - you can really see how they become bigger.


These fungis are mostly located on dead or sick wood. I like the orange colour of this specimen. They stay longer than the above ones, so you also can take pictures on the next day.


Lichen are a combination of fungis and ALGEN. You can find them on stones, woods or on the ground.


These are one of my favourite plants to photograph. They look 'dangerous', have nice blooms and they are one of the plants which several insects make their meeting place. This picture wasn't taken in my bog (this is close to my home) - it's from my slide show images taken from somewhere in California.


This is a german thistle. The image was taken on the same day I shoot the fly on my insect page. Too much closing the aperture made the sun angular.

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