Some other images that I like. A big part of my slide show is about the west of the USA, others are ...

Monument Valley

Known from many western movies, this landscape is famous. I am fascinated with the long distances. Thinking of only using my feet ... Noo! - seems not a good idea !

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is located in Utah. It's a canyon with nice rock formations.

Sonoran Dessert

The Sonoran Dessert is located in Arizona nearby the Mexican border. An unforgetable experience is the sunrise and the creeping coyotes, which will watch your every step. But I didn't see any scorpions :-(

Old Car

This old car stood rotten and rusty in a small village in Nevada. May be it would be nice to repair it and drive with such a car in Germany, but I will not think how much fuel it needs.


Finally I got the correct english name. I think there is no need for any description. Just think on the Disney characters (should photograph a duck and call it Donald ;-)


He (or she ?) was my daily guest while skiing in Sweden. Everyday he got some bread and to the end of the holiday he started to bring all his friends too. There were up to 10 squirrels waiting for bread.

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