Insects are the most successful group under the animals. You can find them everywhere on this earth - single or as a swarm.


  The image shows a fly in the early morning, covered with dew. The red ball in the background is the sun (if somebody didn't noticed it ...). Really the best time to go 'insect-hunting'. They are very slow and it is easy to come extremly close. Also the bloodsucking creatures haven't much motivation ....


  I like the colour combination of this bug. I do not know what the species really is (could be a stinkbug), but the other bugs mostly have nice colours. Maybe that's why the windows logo contains so much colours ;-)


  I first thought this could be a grasshopper, but many e-mails reached me to correct the name.
Katydids live nearly everywhere in the western hemisphere. Even if you don't see them - you will hear them chirping in summer nights (like me at the moment - got one infront of the window. Saw it only once, but hear it the whole night ...


  Waterwalkers are also bugs which live from fallen insects on the water. They are good flyers and you can find them on nearly every still water.


  The german name is Blutzikade (blood-cicada). That does not mean that this insect is a small vampire. The name is just from its red colour. But from the plant's point, it could be a vampire. It sucks the plant juice.


This image was also taken directly after sunrise. There wasn't much dew this morning, so I created some of my own.


  Butterflies are the most colourful and one of the most fearful insects. It's allways hard to come near enough to get some nice macropictures.


  May be this is a 'thistle-butterfly', but I am not sure. The 'thistle-butterfly' is a very good long distance flyer. You can find them all over the world, except in South America. Normally they live in Africa, but if there isn't enough food there, so they make their long journies.

At least some SEX ...

  ...good for the hitcounter ;-). These two beetles did it in front of my camera and wouldn't feel shamed. But I think it's more important for them to create another generation of beetles than taking care on any indescreet photographers ;-)

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