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All images on these pages including the backgrounds, buttons and of course the photos were created by me. You may use any of these pictures on your site, but it would be nice if you notify me by a short mail or just add an link to this page.
Commercial use allways needs my permission.
I will not talk to much about the camera equipment - you can shoot such images with nearly every SLR and the scanned version looses much of the quality, a better or less better lens would produce. The same fits on the graphics software, it's possible to do the the manipulations with GIMP, PhotoShop 4 or ImpOS/2 (just to cover some plattforms). Star Office itself is available under nearly every platform.

Film material

Most of the time I use slides because the quality is IMHO better than prints and I can immediately see how the the image looks. It's also easy to sort out the not so good images (but I still collect them - may be some day usefull or will become a 'special Art' ;-)


Luxury is a slide show. I use a multiprojector from ROLLEI and a selfbuilt music system. Often I will listen to a nice song and think what images would best fit to the music. This is the beginning of a new slide show. I like to present these shows in the evening outside with birds singing in the background, there is no way for photo albums, any multimedia CD or video to achieve this athmosphere.


For the slides I mainly use a CONTAX-137 MA (2 pieces) with ZEISS and some other lenses. Specialy for the macro images I use a bellow from NOVOFLEX with a 105mm lens. Photographing 'fearfull' animals like butterflies (they don't like it if you get too close) needs sometimes a 200mm lens on the bellow ( I know it's not the correct way, but it works - and this is the main point). Macrophotography needs always an tripod - it is sometimes hard to carry it, but without its usage you will not get any sharp pictures.
The camera I always use is a MINOX-GT The camera is small, doesn't have much features, but takes nices pictures (even in the evening with long automatic exposure).


To take images in the macro area (or with a microscope) you always need a flash. That is why most of the images look like studio stills. But every photo was taken outside. I will never get any plants or animals into my studio - except for microphotograpy. But In that case it's enough to get some water from a small pond. Taking macropictures outside also needs no wind. But no wind is also prefered by most bloodsucking insects ... terrible ... but I live with it ;-).
I don't know what exposure time each image had - I think that is not important, the main point is good looking images and no technical data.

These pages

These pages were created with StarOffice 4.0 under OS/2. The images had some rework with several graphic applications including my own self developed ScorPaint (which some day will be ready and released ;-). The Scorpio logo and the buttons were made with a 3D application. All images came from a photo CD (I don't own a slide scanner). My RICOH FS-2 can scan slides, but the quality is not good enough for the size showed.

I think all the important things are been said. If there are still some questions or suggestions just send an E-mail.

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Andreas Just

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